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St Peter & St Paul Edenbridge Parish Church


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of any organisation, one can usually find a team of people, working away to keep the wheels rolling and the ship afloat. Our church is no exception to this.

Within our Church there are many groups of people focusing on different areas of Church life to enhance and benefit us all. Working alongside the Vicar and Churchwardens, these include: The Bellringers, the Choir, the Flower Guild, the Cleaners, the Refreshments Team, The Sacristy Team, The Sidesmen, to mention a few. Thanks to all these people for their time and energies. We are always looking to recruit new helpers, so please do get in touch if you are interested.

The legal and administrative side of things is dealt with by the Parochial Church Council or PCC for short. This group of people, elected at the Annual General Meeting meet six times a year to discuss matters pertaining to the ministerial and business side of running a church. The Church is a Charitable Trust and has a legal responsibility for all its dealings. In order to be elected to the PCC you must have been on the Electoral Roll for six months and be over 18.

Deanery Synod: Within the PCC we have representatives who attend the Deanery Synod Meetings. The Deanery Synod deals with matters pertaining to churches in the Ton-bridge Deanery . It is a great way of getting to know the workings of the Church of England. The Rural Dean, Rev Mark Brown provides godly leadership and is a gifted and inspired minister.

Within the PCC itself are several sub-committees, who meet to discuss particular matters and report back to the PCC on a regular basis. A brief outline of the sub-committees we have at Ss Peter & Paul is given below:

Standing Committee: Meets every other month to discuss for-mal issues pertaining to the day to day business of the church.

Finance Committee/Stewardship: Meets to discuss the church’s finances, budget, and methods of stewardship, together with any investments and funding of large projects.

Fabric Committee: Meets to discuss the fabric/maintenance of the church building itself, repairs as well as major projects. Deals with faculty applications to the Diocese for any work to be carried out, health & safety matters etc.

Social Committee: Meets to discuss various social events to enhance the church life and foster a greater sense of community within the parish. Previous events have included Barn Dances, Summer BBQ’s, Quiz Nights, Beetle Drives, Meals out and day trips within the UK and France.

Building for the Future: Meets to discuss the way forward for the church and its building. New projects such as extension, enhancement or purchase of additional buildings are discussed and reported back to the PCC.

Communications Committee: Meets to discuss better ways of communicating the message of the church to the parish in general. We have developed our own website, as well as information leaflets on various aspects of church life. Using the internet is very much seen as the way forward and we are keen to keep up to date with this. Weekly pew sheets are e-mailed out to parishioners and the Vicar’s Sermon, notices and posters are published on the website to reach a wider audience.

Fundraising Committee: A new addition to our Committees which has been specifically set up to investigate ways of fund-raising for major projects, through grants and other means.Eden Christian Trust: We are fortunate to have a lively and thriving Youth Club within Edenbridge, run by volunteers from the churches in the area. The PCC regularly receives updates on the projects to involve young people in activities with a Christian background. One such project was a very successful trip to Mexico to assist in the building of houses.

Edenbridge Churches in Covenant: Meets to discuss the various activities within the four main churches in the Eden-bridge area—Ss Peter & Paul Parish Church, the Eden Church, The Catholic Church and the United Reform Church in Marsh Green. There are opportunities to worship together throughout the year and thus build on the community relation-ship.

St Paulinus: Meets to discuss the running and maintenance of our church building St Paulinus Hall. This hall, although no longer used for services, is hired out to local clubs and a nursery school.

NB: Many of the above Committees are open to non-PCC members. If you have an interest in a particular area of church life, then please do contact Fr Stephen Mitchell to

discuss. You will be most welcome.