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St Peter & St Paul Edenbridge Parish Church

Our Mission Statement

This Mission Statement, like all such documents, attempts to set out as succinctly as possible our aims and objectives. It represents an effort to define more closely than ever before what we are about and, I might add, has been, no easy thing to create, so many thanks to Bernard Oldfield and his team for their sterling efforts. Please read it with these few thoughts in your sticky paw.

It begins where it ought to begin, with God.

Anything we might want to do is worth nothing unless it is already in God's plan for us. So mission, and indeed the entire Christian life, is first and foremost about discerning the will of God through prayerful thought and worship. There's no substitute for that.

Out of this should arise a new enthusiasm for the everyday tasks of the Christian community: drawing others to Christ; doing our bit to put right what's wrong in the world about us; and, yes, looking after the world God has given us.

Read the Statement and 'flesh out' these few words, and then let us put it into practice together.

Fr Stephen Mitchell

St Peter & St Paul Mission Statement

The congregation at St Peter & St Paul, Edenbridge, believes that our mission is to endeavour to know what God's mission is, and to work out how He wants us to be part of that.

We believe that God's mission is to reconcile the whole world, including all humanity, into relationship with Him, and that He has provided the means to do that for each of us, individually, through the saving work of Christ and the sending of the Holy Spirit.

We are part of the world-wide Christian Church, which seeks, in the power of the Holy Spirit of God, to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and to proclaim the Word and Work of God so that humanity is redeemed, communities restored, and creation is renewed.

Our mission, therefore, is to:

This involves the following:

This requires us to: